Intro to Cave Diving Course
Intro to Cave Diver - Photo: Robert Stansfield

TDI Intro to Cave Diving Course

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The TDI Intro to Cave Diving course is the first level of cave diving training that allows you to dive past the cavern zone and into the cave. Away from the natural daylight zone and into the dark zone.

You can combine the Cavern Diver and Intro to Cave Diver courses to make it six days of high-quality training and a great learning experience. During this advanced diver level course, you will safely learn the critical survival skills necessary to dive into the Cave Zone once you have mastered the exercises required for this level.

Although we are Razor Sidemount Instructors and teach the Intro to Cave Diver course in Sidemount configuration, you can use any Sidemount Gear brand you like during your Cave Training.

We need proof of Open Water and Sidemount certification to begin the Introductory Cave course unless you take the Sidemount course together with your Overhead Environments Diving Training.

Introductory Cave Diver

TDI Introductory Cave Diver Course


USD 285 a day.

The TDI Intro to Cave Diving course takes a minimum of three days.


Cavern + Intro to Cave Diver = 5 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern + Intro to Cave Diver = 7 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave Diver = 9 Days.


Transportation from the Center of Playa del Carmen.

The training program includes academic presentations, land-drills, confined water sessions, and a minimum of 6 Cave Dives.

Student e-learning code. (We will send you the code as soon as we receive the reservation deposit).

NOT Included

Cenote entrance fees (Avg. 300 Mexican Pesos). These fees must be paid in Mexican cash at the entrance of the Cenote. 

Certification fees USD 35

All technical diving courses start in a shallow open water Cenote!
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