TDI Sidemount Diver Course

Sidemount Diving Course in Mexico

TDI Sidemount Diving Course

Embark on the Best Sidemount Diving Course in Mexico

The Thrill of Sidemount Diving! If you’ve ever dreamt of exploring underwater caves or wrecks, sidemount diving might be for you. As an alternative to traditional back-mounted equipment, sidemount diving provides enhanced mobility and flexibility. It’s no wonder many divers are turning to this unique! Style of diving. But with so many courses out there, which should you choose? We recommend earning your Sidemount Diving Certification from the TDI Sidemount Diving Course in Mexico, one of the Best Sidemount Diving Courses available.

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Photo: Robert Stansfield

TDI Sidemount Diving Course: Mexico’s Best


Distinctive Advantages of Sidemount Diving

Mastering Sidemount Gear Configuration

During your Sidemount Diving Training, you’ll learn how to master the unique gear configuration. Understanding how to set up and adjust your equipment is crucial in sidemount diving. This course equips divers with practical skills, making gear configuration a breeze. This skill allows divers to enjoy a safer and more comfortable diving experience.

TDI Cavern Diver Course in Mexico
Cavern Diver - Photo: Robert Stansfield

Navigating Narrow Passages with Ease

The TDI course prepares divers to navigate narrow passages often found in cave diving. The sidemount configuration allows divers to move through these confined spaces safely and efficiently. This skill is not only beneficial for cave diving but also for exploring underwater wrecks.

Sidemount Diving

The Game Changer for Open-Water Divers

Learn Sidemount Diving and experience a game-changer for open-water divers. Traditional back-mounted equipment can limit mobility and maneuverability. But with sidemount diving, divers enjoy increased freedom of movement. This enhanced mobility allows divers to explore previously inaccessible areas and enjoy a more immersive diving experience.

sidemount diving course

The Worth of Investing in a Sidemount Diving Course

Enhancing Your Diving Experience

Investing in a TDI Sidemount Diving Course can significantly improve your diving experience. The skills and knowledge acquired through this course give divers the confidence to explore further. Whether you’re a seasoned cave diver or a recreational open-water enthusiast, this course will enhance your diving adventures.

Sidemount Diver
TDI Sidemount Diving Course

The Takeaway for Serious Divers

In conclusion, the TDI Sidemount Diving Course is a worthwhile investment for any serious diver. If you’re wondering about the “Sidemount Diving Course near me,” you’ll find that TDI’s location in Mexico is a prime destination for divers.

The Sidemount Diving Course price is a valuable investment considering the skills and confidence you gain. As for the Sidemount Diving Course requirements, you must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum of 20 logged dives, and hold an open-water certification. It offers unique advantages, equips divers with valuable skills, and enhances the diving experience. 

So why wait? Embark on your sidemount diving journey today!

TDI Sidemount Diver Course

Duration and Investment

The TDI Sidemount Diver course takes a minimum of three days.

USD 650

Multiple courses and/or groups get a discount. 

Mix and Match Options

Sidemount Diver + Advanced Nitrox = 6 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Adv. Nx + Deco Procedures = 8 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern Diver = 5 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern Diver + Intro to Cave = 7 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave Diver = 9 Days.


Transportation from Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras.

The training program includes academic presentations, land drills, confined water sessions, and a minimum of four dives.

Student e-learning code. (We will send you the code as soon as your reservation is confirmed).

NOT Included

Cenote entrance fees (15 to 20 USD)

Certification Fees USD 35

High Oxygen Mixes Prices

All technical diving courses start in a shallow open water Cenote!
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