TDI Sidemount Diver Course

Sidemount Diving Course in Mexico

TDI Sidemount Diving Course

Have you tried Sidemount diving yet?

sidemount diving
Photo: Robert Stansfield

The TDI and Razor Sidemount Diving Courses are top-rated among cave divers in Mexico. It’s also an excellent option for open-water divers as it offers an ample gas supply and two independent air sources. It is also widely used for technical decompression and even wreck diving. Cave divers can easily squeeze through tiny passages, and recreational open-water divers enjoy the freedom of movement with the Sidemount gear configuration.

TDI Cavern Diver Course in Mexico
Cavern Diver - Photo: Robert Stansfield

With the TDI and Razor Sidemount Diving Courses, you learn a form of scuba diving where the cylinders are on the sides of the body. Some advantages of this form of diving are the convenience of keeping the reserve gas from your first dive in your tanks for the second dive, being more streamlined as the tanks sit behind your shoulders, and the option of self-rescue if one of your regulators fails. Sidemount diving is a great entry-level course for people interested in exploring technical diving.

Any time of the year is the best time to dive in the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya as the water is always calm and the water temperature is constant at 25ºC/77ºF. It is warm enough to dive in a 3mm long-sleeve wetsuit.

Sidemount Diving

We offer the TDI Sidemount course, Razor Basic Open Water, and Sidemount Cave Diver courses in the beautiful Cenotes of the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

sidemount diving course

The TDI and Razor Sidemount Diver courses teach a particular form of Scuba Diving where you wear your tanks on your body’s sides rather than your back. Depending on the Sidemount Gear, divers can use this configuration for Recreational Open Water, Cave Diving, and Technical Decompression Diving.

The Sidemount configuration is prevalent among cave divers here in Mexico and is becoming the new way of diving worldwide. Divers UnderGround prefers this configuration as it allows squeezing through tiny passages. Sidemount diver training is of great help to technical and cave divers who want to be more streamlined and to Open Water Divers wishing to extend their bottom time safely.

Sidemount Diver
TDI Sidemount Diving Course

Sidemount Diving Benefits Include:

  • Versatility: Optimized trim and improved control.
  • Accessibility: Easy access to the regulator’s first stages and tank valves.
  • Comfort: Tanks carried on your side let your body move freely.
  • Dive Time: Additional breathing gas supply for safety and extended bottom time. Especially useful when diving with Enriched Air Nitrox in Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Dives.
  • Redundancy: In the unlikely event of a regulator failure, you can easily switch to your other tank. When divers follow the proper procedures, out-of-gas scenarios in this type of gear configuration are virtually impossible.

TDI Sidemount Diver Course

Duration and Investment

The TDI Sidemount Diver course takes a minimum of three days.

USD 650

Multiple courses and/or groups get a discount. 

Mix and Match Options

Sidemount Diver + Advanced Nitrox = 6 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Adv. Nx + Deco Procedures = 8 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern Diver = 5 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern Diver + Intro to Cave = 7 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave Diver = 9 Days.


Transportation from Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras.

The training program includes academic presentations, land drills, confined water sessions, and a minimum of four dives.

Student e-learning code. (We will send you the code as soon as your reservation is confirmed).

NOT Included

Cenote entrance fees (15 to 20 USD)

Certification Fees USD 35

High Oxygen Mixes Prices

All technical diving courses start in a shallow open water Cenote!
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