Explore Scuba Diving in Cenotes with Divers UnderGround

Dive into the heart of the Riviera Maya with Divers UnderGround, your expert guide for cavern diving in the cenotes. Experience the extraordinary underwater world as you navigate through stunningly clear blue waters, unveiling breathtaking dripstone formations and exploring the mysterious underwater caves and caverns.

Why Choose Cenotes for Scuba Diving?

Our cenote diving adventures offer more than just a dive; they are a journey into a unique ecosystem. Marvel at the mesmerizing underwater effects of sunlight refraction, encounter diverse aquatic life, including fresh and saltwater fish and reptiles, and witness the rich history embedded in the limestone walls featuring ice age fossils, striking haloclines, and ancient animal bones.

Cavern diving in Mexico
Photo: Robert Stansfield

Diving Options Tailored for You:

Recreational and Technical Diving

Whether you’re seeking a relaxed experience or an intense challenge, Divers UnderGround caters to all. Our recreational diving focuses on the sheer enjoyment of the underwater beauty of the cenotes, perfect for those who want a leisurely dive. For the more adventurous, our technical cave diving offers the joy of navigating through complex cave systems equipped with specialized gear and training.

Convenient Locations and Comprehensive Services

Join us from various locations, including Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Chemuyil, and Akumal. We provide ferry pier pick-up/drop-off services for those crossing from Cozumel Island.

scuba diving cenotes from cozumel
Photo: Ivan Ayala

Exceptional Cavern Diving Experiences

Enjoy two or three fantastic cavern dives, each lasting 40-50 minutes, and delve deeper into the “UnderGround” wonders. We also cater to non-diver companions, offering snorkeling opportunities in select cenotes.

Cenote Diving: A Truly Unique Adventure

Discover the diversity of cenote diving in the Riviera Maya, from shallow, serene dives to exhilarating deep cenote adventures. Experience the unique sensation of diving through haloclines and sulfur clouds and exploring cenotes, such as Cenote Angelita, The Pit, Dos Ojos, Chac Mool, Carwash, Tajma Ha, and Jardin del Eden.

Chac Mool
Photo: Ivan Ayala

Cenote Diving from Cozumel

Join Us for an Unforgettable Cenote Diving Journey

If you want to Dive in Cenotes while staying in Cozumel, we offer ferry pier pick up and drop off in Playa Del Carmen.

Ready for a mind-blowing scuba diving experience in the cenotes of Mexico? Contact Divers UnderGround today and let us help you choose the perfect cenote adventure for you and your group!

Chac Mool
Photo: Ivan Ayala

Scuba Diving in Mexican Cenotes


USD 150 x 2 dives in a day.

Cenote Angelita, Orquidea, The Pit and cenotes of Puerto Morelos + USD 25 (Advanced Divers Only).

3rd dive same day + USD 60 (Includes lunch at a local Mexican restaurant) **(Must be reserved in advance).

A typical day is from 8 am to 3 pm.


Cenotes Chac Mool x 2 Dives (Kukulkan & Little Bro’).

Cenotes Dos Ojos x 2 Dives (Barbie Line & Bat Cave).

Cenotes Jardin del Eden + Tajma Ha.

Ask for more


Dive lights.

Transportation from the Dive Center, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

Water, sodas, snacks, and sandwiches.

NOT Included

Diving equipment.

Cenote Entrance Fees

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