Cenotes and Cozumel Scuba Diving Package
Photo: Robert Stsnsfield

Eight Cenotes Dive Package

Discover Cenote Scuba Diving with Divers UnderGround: Introducing Our Eight Cenotes Dive Package

Begin a remarkable underwater expedition in Riviera Maya’s mystical cenotes with Divers UnderGround, the leading 5-Star TDI Scuba Diving Center and Instructor Training Facility in Xpu-Ha, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. We’re excited to showcase our specialized Eight Cenotes Dive Package, an expertly organized tour that takes you to eight distinct cenotes—our chosen gems in the Riviera Maya.

The World of Cenotes: A Scuba Diver’s Paradise

Cenotes are unique natural sinkholes formed from the dissolution of limestone bedrock that unveil an underground realm of aquatic wonders. These fascinating geological features connect to underwater caves, forming transparent, serene pools. Cenotes are ideal for scuba diving, provide unparalleled water clarity, and are home to diverse fauna, including bats.

Elevate Your Skills with Cavern Diving Training

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast considering an upgrade to cavern diving? Look no further. At Divers UnderGround, we offer comprehensive Cavern Diving Training Courses led by industry veterans with extensive experience. We provide you with the requisite skills to transition from open water to the enigmatic world of cavern diving safely. Take the chance to unlock an entirely new realm of underwater exploration; elevate your scuba diving prowess with our expertly designed cavern diving training.

Guided by Cenote Diving Experts

Our highly qualified team of cave diving instructors has extensive experience navigating the scuba diving landscapes of cenotes in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. You’ll be guided by some of the industry’s most experienced scuba divers, who are dedicated to ensuring your cenote diving adventure is extraordinary and secure.

Master Sidemount Diving with Our Specialized Course

If you’re already a seasoned diver looking for a new challenge, our Sidemount Diving Course might be just what you’re searching for. Sidemount diving offers increased flexibility and redundancy and can enhance your buoyancy control. Our course is meticulously crafted to guide you through the ins and outs of sidemount diving—covering gear configuration, emergency protocols, and advanced buoyancy skills. Seize the opportunity to become a more versatile diver; enroll in our Sidemount Diving Course today.

Customized Cenote Scuba Diving Packages

Recognizing the variables in diving conditions, we tailor each cenote scuba diving package to fit the experience levels of the group and current weather patterns. On the morning of your scuba dive, we assess the optimal cenotes to visit, guaranteeing a safe and exceptional diving experience.

What Awaits You in Cenote Scuba Diving

Prepare for a visual feast as you scuba dive through cenotes:

  • Vadose Caverns: Admire the intricate dripstone formations in these partially submerged caves.
  • Open Deep Cenotes: Feel the thrill of scuba diving into deep, expansive cenotes.
  • Haloclines: Experience the ethereal blend of fresh and saltwater during your cenote dive.
  • Sunlight Refraction: Watch the dazzling display of sunlight as it refracts through the clear cenote waters.

Our Commitment to Cenote Scuba Diving Excellence

At Divers UnderGround, we aim to offer more than a mere cenote dive; we strive to provide a memorable adventure. Your satisfaction, repeat business, and endorsements on social media are our highest accolades. We are committed to exceeding your expectations in every cenote scuba diving experience.

Embark on a journey beyond traditional scuba diving with Divers UnderGround. Explore the hidden treasures of Mexico’s Riviera Maya and immerse yourself in our passion for cenote diving.

Scuba Diving in Cenotes

Combinations x 2 dives

Chac Mool + Kukulkan

Barbie Line + Bat Cave

Cenote Eden (Ponderosa) + Tajma Ha

Dreamgate Upstream and Downstream lines


8 Cenote dives in 3 days: USD 525

8 Cenote dives in 4 days: USD 560

Combinations x 3 dives

Chac Mool + Kukulkan + Tajma Ha

The Pit** + Dos Ojos (Barbie Line + Bat Cave)

Angelita** + Dreamgate** (Downstream and Upstream lines)

**Advanced Divers Only.


Transportation from the Divers UnderGround Dive Center, downtown Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, and Tulum.

NOT Included:

Cenote entrance fees: USD 20/30 a day

Scuba Diving Gear: USD 20 a day

All dive packages start with the easiest dives first and more complex dives at the end.
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