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Staying in Cozumel? Dive Cenotes!

It’s easier than you think!


If you are planning to stay in Cozumel and want to dive the famous Cenotes, all it takes is a 45 min. ferry ride from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen and we take care of the rest!


Just let us know the date you want to do your cenote dives and we will pick you up at the ferry station. From there we take you directly to the our Dive Center, have a delicious coffee on us while we get you ready for your dives. From there we will take you directly to the Cenote where you will be doing your dives. This can be from 5min. and up to a 45 min. drive depending on the chosen cenote dive sites.



  • Trained, certified, qualified, experienced professional Cavern Diving Guide
  • Dive lights, tanks and weights
  • Light lunch, sodas, water and snack
  • Transportation from ferry and back


Not Included:

  • Cenotes entrance fees (250mx/15usd avg. per cenote)
  • Dive gear (15usd)
  • Dive computer (10usd)

Open Cenotes

Casa Cenote

Cavern Diving


Deep Cenotes

Cenote The Pit

From $135 to $165usd Depending on the chosen Dive Sites

Cenotes are as close as 25 min. and as far as 1 hour driving from the ferry

Cenote Diving x 2 Dives

Cenote Diving excursions can take between 4 and 7 hours depending on the location of the Cenotes

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