The Pit

System: Dos Ojos

Depth:40m / 130 feet (suggested)/multilevel.

Level: advanced, experienced.

Features: halo cline, sulfide cloud, natural light effects



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Cenote The Pit is 33.5 km south of Puerto Aventuras, and just under 3kms past Cenotes Dos Ojos, into the jungle. This is the deepest Cenote open to the public for Cavern Diving in the Riviera Maya. Absolutely incredible clear water!


As you walk down the flight of steps to enter the water, all you see is crystal clear water surrounded by natural rock walls rising up to the jungle floor. As you descend into the clear abyss, you will pass thru a shallow halocline and below will see what seems to be the Cavern floor, tree branches emerging from what looks like fog, but is actually a hydrogen sulfide cloud at 30 meters.


Past the sulfide cloud, at around 35 meters depth, there are a few remaining animal bones from the last ice age, more than 10 thousand years ago. This is where “The Caveman” bones were found, dating over 13,400 years, one of the oldest human skeletons of the American Continent. He now rests in a museum in Mexico City.


As you start to ascend, at about 24/25 meters, you can see the clear markings on the wall where the water level used to be at some point after the last Ice Age. Continuing up to around 15 meters, under the sloping ceiling, you can see the two main Cave entrances. Under this ceiling, there are stalactites of all shapes and sizes. From this point of the dive you get the best view of the light rays penetrating into the Cenote in the background contrasting with the thousands of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Cenote The Pit is an excellent spot for dive photography!.


Cenote The Pit is a multi-level dive and is absolutely unforgettable!





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