Sidemount Cave Diver

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Sidemount Cave Diver Course

TDI Sidemount Cave Diver

The TDI Cave Sidemount Diver course is designed for certified cave divers upgrading to the Sidemount Diving Gear configuration. It is a compressed full cave diver course using side-mounted cylinders instead of a back-mounted twin set. Learn a whole new set of skills and procedures that will fine-tune your scuba diving abilities. It is also a great way for rusty cave divers wanting to get back into cave diving to refresh skills.

Razor Sidemount Cave Diver

The Razor Cave Sidemount Diver course is meant for new sidemount divers taking a Full Cave Diver course. Also, divers crossing over from other types of sidemount gear and configurations who are already certified Cave Divers. The Razor Cave Sidemount Course teaches you all cave diving procedures specifically using Razor Sidemount Diving Equipment. The course is based on the experience and diving philosophy of its designer, cave diver Steve Bogaerts.


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