Razor Sidemount Diving System 2.5 Complete


This BLACK EDITION of the Complete Razor System has the following components: • Razor Harness 2.5 • Redundant BAT Wing 2.5 with integrated weight base layer • Add. T Weight System • Universal Spares Part Kit • 6-inch Miflex LPI hose • Spare Side Mount Bungee • Expandable Side Mount Pouch • 2 Double Enders for the Pouch All metal parts of this system are in black!

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Divers around the world are now familiar with Steve Bogaerts’ Razor Sidemount Diving System. The Side mount harness that has been tried and tested in actual cave diving explorations is already being used worldwide by the cave and technical divers in many types of diving.

Although many have tried to imitate the Razor Sidemount Harness, no one has come even close.

The New Razor Sidemount Diving System 2.5 

The upgraded Razor 2.5 Side mount harness maintains the simplicity, functionality, and style but with new improvements to complement the rest of the Razor Side Mount System components.

All unique Razor parts are now water-jet cut from 11 gauge 316 corrosion-resistant stainless steel tumbled and passivated.

Razor redesigned the Delta Shoulder Plate (DSP) for a more ergonomic shoulder strap fit, more attachment points for the T weight system and the BAT wing. The designers also adapted the Mini Back Plate (MBP) to work with the BAT wing and the T Weight system. The Razor Sidemount System has also redesigned the Drop Attachment Points (DAPs) for a more extensive capture and working area to make them easier to find and more space to clip multiple items off. The DAPs also act as attachment points for the T-weight system.

The new waist closing system has a low profile. It can be tensioned or released with just one hand to adjust the harness quickly and efficiently, even while diving if needed due to suit compression during descent.

A new “B” ring provides more capture area for a more effortless organization in a place where you are working by feel alone. Organizing items on the “B” ring also makes it easier to separate multiple things for quick identification and retrieval.

Also, the “B” ring Tri-glide design allows the Razor Bat Wing to expand without restriction and without affecting the RH when lots of buoyancy is required. It also keeps it as low profile as possible while giving you full access to all the harness attachment points. 

The Complete Razor Sidemount System 2.5 has the following components:

  • Razor Harness 2.5.
  • Redundant BAT Wing 2.5.
  • T Weight System.
  • Universal Spares Kit.
  • Spare Side Mount Bungee.
  • 2 Double ender stainless steel clips to attach the Expandable Side Mount Pouch.
  • Expandable Side Mount Pouch 2.5.

The Razor Sidemount designer made each component of the system complement and work with every other part of the Sidemount Diving harness.

Using the Razor Sidemount Diving System 

Getting the Razor harness correctly configured is very important, but it is only half the story. The other half of the story is training. Proper training from an experienced Razor Sidemount Diving Instructor will be invaluable and allow you to maximize safety, enjoyment, and efficiency.

Check out my profile on the Razor Sidemount Diving Instructors page.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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