Perdix AI with Transmiter



Perdix AI with a transmitter, the air Integrated version from Canadian Company Shearwater Research, is a complete decompression diving computer with recreational diving mode capability. The Shearwater Perdix AI Dive Computer supports wireless gas pressure integration with tracking tank gas pressures (transmitters required.) The Perdix AI includes open-circuit and rebreather Air, Nitrox, and Trimix functionality and enhanced navigation features for the three-axis compass. The standard firmware supports multiple language menus and both imperial and metric measurement systems.

The AI model has the radio frequency receiver built-in to the electronics, but the price does not include tank pressure transmitters as you may already own a compatible transmitter.

The Perdix AI can wirelessly connect to two different transmitters giving you the ability to monitor tank pressures in sidemount diving configuration. Also, it is capable of calculating Gas Time Remaining (GTR). On the customizable main screen display or through the underlying information screens, you can access tank pressure, PSI or BAR, and the GTR. 

Will my transmitter work with the Shearwater AI computer?

According to Shearwater Research, if the transmitter is marked with “FCC ID MH8A”, it will work with the Perdix AI, regardless of brand. They will also work with the Teric and NERD 2 air integrated computers. However, no Shearwater dive computer model, including the Perdix model without the “AI” designation and the original NERD, supports integration with a pressure transmitter. 

Shearwater Research supplies the first stage regulator tank-pressure wireless transmitter. 

The Perdix AI with transmitter model offers an information screen employing a large full-color LED LCD. The display will automatically adjust in cave mode based on the environment’s light to make the display easy to read on the surface in sunlight, open water, or a cave. 

Decompression Diving

For Decompression diving, the Perdix AI with transmitter presents complete information displays of all required stop times, time-to-surface (TTS) based on planned gas switches. Multiple gas definition presets for any combination of O2, Nx, and Helium. The Perdix AI will NOT “lockout” after a missed stop or ascent rate violation. After the dive, the Perdix communicates via Bluetooth™ with your iPad and iPhone. Also, it supports Mac and PC desktop applications, and you can download your dives using your iOS devices in conjunction with third-party applications.

Shearwater research designed the Perdix AI dive computer to accept any AA size battery, including alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable. Every Perdix AI Dive Computer includes two elastic straps with buckles, flexible tubing for configuring using the ‘bungee” style wrist mount, a nice zippered hard case, dual o-ring seal battery door with gold contact, and battery installed and ready to dive out of the box, two spare O-rings for the battery door, USB Bluetooth transmitter, Quick Start Guide with instructions for downloading the user manual and desktop software from the Shearwater website. The Shearwater Perdix AI also includes a screen protector installed to help prevent the display face’s scratches. The software consists of a complete dive log manager, compatible with Windows and MAC. The dive log supports downloads and firmware updates via the Bluetooth wireless interface of the Perdix. 

Shearwater supplies the Perdix AI with a zippered case suitable for travel and dry storage but not ideal for boat use or damp storage. 

Perdix AI Dive Computer Recreational Open-Circuit Diving Features

Some of the Recreational Open-Circuit mode or Recreational Nitrox mode’s key features include a more straightforward menu structure with a larger font and customizable bottom row, safety stops, and a No Decompression Limit (NDL) dive planner. The simplified settings allow the use of three different breathing gases (Air or Nitrox). Once you reach or exceed the maximum operating depth, the display warns you of the selected breathing gas MOD turning yellow and red. You can also choose one of three conservatism levels, and during the dive, a bar graph turns from green to red as you approach the NDL. A 3-minute countdown safety stop starts when you reach 20 feet / 6 meters of depth on the ascent. If you exceed the NDL and require decompression stops, the display warns “DECO STOP” and displays the required depth and stop times.


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