Side-Mount Diver

Having scuba tanks on your back isn’t a requirement for exploring the underwater world. Many scuba divers have discovered the joy of mounting cylinders on their sides. Sidemount diving gives you flexibility and streamlining options. Plus, you don’t have to walk with heavy cylinders on your back – just enter the water, clip them on and go. Sound interesting? Sign up for the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course.


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During the Side-mount Diver Specialty you will learn about the benefits of diving with Side mount configuration. During one confined water session and three open water scuba dives you’ll learn:


-Properly assemble and configure Sidemount scuba diving equipment.

-Trim your weight system and sidemount gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water.

-Manage gas by switching second stages as planned, if wearing two cylinders.

-Respond correctly to potential problems when sidemount diving.


Sidemount Diving


Get your Sidemount Diver Manual. By going through your student manual, you will be better prepared to start your sidemount diving course without spending too much of your vacation time studying. Once here we will concentrate on the proper set up and use of the Sidemount gear.


Also, if technical diving interests you, chapters two and three of your manual apply to the Tec Sidemount Diver course.



Sidemount Diving Gear


We recommend doing your Side-mount Diver course using your own Side mount Harness. This way we can help you adjust it for maximum comfort. If you do not have your own harness or if you want to try using the Razor Sidemount System we also have a few of them available for rent.



Recommended Continued Education


To really get the most out of Sidemount Diving, now that you have twice the amount of gas, why not extend your bottom time by breathing the right mix of Enriched Air Nitrox. Even better, learn how to switch gases underwater for even longer No Decompression dives by taking the PADI Tec 40 Diver course.