Chac Mool – Kukulkán

System: Chac Mool

Depth: 15m / 50 feet.

Level: Basic

Chac Mool Dive Features: Halocline, light refraction, fossils, two Cenotes, stalactites and stalagmites.

Cenote Kukulkan Dive Features: Halocline, light refraction effects, formations and fossils.



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Cenote Chac Mool is just south of Puerto Aventuras and a rather popular one. The original Chac Mool is a peculiar Mesoamerican sculpture. It is usually lying on its back with its head up and found mainly in Chichen Itza and Tula. It literally means “Red or Great Jaguar Paw” in Yucatec Maya.


First of all, along the opening of the main entrance, trunks and tree branches reach into the water. Also, through the Cavern Zone, you will be awed by giant monoliths and incredible views of the jungle from underwater. Furthermore, on sunny days, the light rays that penetrate into the water create an amazing light show. You will be hypnotized by the halocline passage diving to Cenote Little Brother. This is where the fresh water floats above the denser salt water. A fascinating visual effect is created when this fine line is disturbed.


Cave divers can also enjoy long penetration cave dives.


Cenote Kukulkan is also part of the Chac Mool System and the entrance is a few hundred feet away from Cenote Chac Mool.


Kukulkan, means “Feathered Serpent” and is the name of the Maya snake deity. In Chichen Itza you can find a sculpture of Kukulkan at the base of the west face of the northern stairway.


The entrance to the Cenote is through a beautiful, crystal clear turquoise blue pond. The dive passes through a huge cavern that surrounds the Cenote. Curtains of light pass and light up the whole entrance on sunny days. Also, at about 10 meters / 30 feet, you will encounter the halocline. If you shine your light where the salt and freshwater meet, it will create amazing reflections on the walls of the cavern due to the halocline.


While Cenotes Kukulkan and Little Brother are connected by a restriction, cave diving gear and training is required to safely pass thru.



Cenote Chac Mool

Roof Off View



Cenote Chac Mool

Roof Off View



Cenote Chac Mool