Cenote Carwash (Aktun Ha)


Cenote Carwash

System: Aktun Ha (Car Wash)

Depth: 16m / 53 feet.

Level: Beginner

Features: Lily pads, light, bones and artifacts, decorated with chestnut brown & caramel colored formations.

Common combinations:

  • Cenote Angelita
  • Cenote Ponderosa
  • Cenote Tajmahal



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Cenote Carwash is also known as Cenote Aktun Ha, meaning “Water Cave” in Mayan.


This Cenote used to be the spot where the Taxi drivers from Tulum would wash their Taxis in the 80’s and it was one of the first explored in the area. Aktun Ha is just along the side of the road, 8 kms out of Tulum on the same road heading to Coba.


This is an excellent example of the natural collapse formation of sinkholes and looks like a giant pond, more than 150 ft (50 m) across with an average depth of 3 meters. with an easy access platform, it is great for both divers and snorkelers.


During the summer, the open area has a layer of acid and algae that makes it look like nothing special from the surface while at the same time making it amazing for underwater photography due to the effect of the daylight and the green bottom reflecting on it. Some parts of the cavern area are a bit deeper reaching a depth of 16 meters / 53 feet with very little water flow and with crystal clear visibility. As you enter the underworld you will see an area that is filled with plants, eerie submerged trees and schools of various types of fish and turtles that inhabit these waters as well as a small, shy crocodile that is usually not easy to see underwater.


In Cenote Carwash, your Dive Guide will have to lay the line for the portion of the Cavern as there is no permanent guideline in this particular Cenote. The entrance of the cavern is beautiful and unique as you pass under a curtain of tree roots and fallen trees, leading you into a large and beautifully decorated room with chestnut colored columns. The light falling through the algae layer above creates an amazing show of varying hues. Tunnels of rock lead to underground and underwater rooms such as the Room of Tears and The Room of the Ancient available only to certified Cave Divers.


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