Casa Cenote

System: Sac Aktun

Depth: 7m / 25 feet

Level: basic

Features: halocline, sea life, natural light effects.



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Casa Cenote, an open Cenote for the whole family


Casa Cenote, also known as Cenote Manatí, is located 10 kms north of Tulum and 20 minutes south of Puerto Aventuras. Turning off highway 307, we follow a dirt road for 2 kms towards the ocean. This Cenote is directly across from the ocean, separated by a land bridge that is slowly disappearing through natural erosion.


This Cenote is the fresh water exit of the Nohoch-Na-Chich section, part of the Sac Actun Cave System. It is here where it finally meets the Ocean and mixes with saltwater. Brackish water is a mix of fresh and saltwater and is an extremely important part of the ecosystem. As one of the few surface rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula, Casa Cenote is truly unique. The huge open water area is filled with an amazing mixture of both fresh and saltwater life. A variety of flora and fauna. Aquatic creatures and fish, like the Atlantic Spadefish, juvenile Tarpon, Barracuda, Green Moray Eels to name a few.





Casa Cenote is also the perfect spot for swimmers, snorkelers, and divers of all levels. From Discover Scuba Diving participants to Open Water divers that can enjoy a mix of cavern and open water diving, to Full Cave Divers that can go in for miles into the Sac Actun system. Furthermore, the dive follows alongside the jungle with overhangs of algae covered Mangrove roots reaching into the water. White sand, huge rocks overgrown with moss and green algae decorate the bottom. Also, along the sides of the Cenote there are various swim throughs and cavern areas running into the jungle. Inside, you will see coral fossils embedded on the limestone as well as a massive sea turtle skeleton. The shadows and light rays that filter through the mangrove roots create amazing light shows.


Finally, the maximum depth of this dive is 7 meters, with varying currents, depending on the weather; rain, wind and tides. Even the haloclines are at different depths depending on the day. No two dives in Casa Cenote are ever alike.

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Casa Cenote




Scuba Diving in Casa Cenote


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