Cenote Angelita

System: Angelita Cenote Sinkhole in not connected to any cave systems

Depth: 36m / 120 feet (suggested) / multilevel

Level: Advanced, deep dive (Must provide proof of dives two weeks prior to diving this Cenote)

Features: Sulfide cloud

Common combinations:

Cenote Carwash

Cenote Calavera

Cenote Ponderosa

Cenote Tajmajal



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Angelita, meaning “Little Angel” is located 17 kms south of Tulum.

This is another example of a sinkhole cenote, with a cylindrical profile and a debris mound erecting from the middle of a mystical Hydrogen Sulfide cloud.

Located in the middle of the jungle, this picturesque Cenote is circular shaped and unique from all the others as there are no caves or connections to any underground river systems. The setting is perfect as you walk a short distance through the jungle to the rather large hidden away cenote. The water entry and exits have been made easy with the construction of a wooden platform.
As you descend in fresh water, along the wall of Cenote Angelita, you will notice how large the Cenote entrance really is. From the surface, you look down and see nothing but blue water all around, then slowly at about 18mts /60 feet you begin to see what looks like a strange wispy bottom appearing below with a few ghostly, bare limbed tree trunks and branches sticking out. As you continue to descend, it becomes clearer and you will see the expansiveness of this fog.

This fog is actually a thick dense layer of Hydrogen Sulfide, about 2 mts / 6 feet thick, which is formed by the bacterial decomposition of organic material that has fallen into the cenote. Angelita is quite far inland, therefore the halocline is much deeper and is just below this layer of Hydrogen Sulphide, at about 30 mts / 100 feet. The top of the debris mound, which is the collapse of the cave ceiling, also known as a talus cone, is what emerges from this layer of Hydrogen Sulphide. The half moon shaped island with dead trees protruding on it, surrounded by this thick swirling cloud makes everything appear surreal, giving the scene a very eerie and a spooky feeling. You truly start to feel like you are floating on a cloud!

Dare to descend through the cloud… for a minute you can’t see anything except for the brownish glow of your lights, then everything is clear but your light doesn’t illuminate anything below, the beam is swallowed up in blackness and you realize that there is a black abyss below you. You are already at 33mts / 109 feet. Descending a few feet farther, look up at the dim glow of light coming through the foggy layer above.

As you ascend at the end of your dive you will spiral back up the walls exploring the nooks and crannies around the perimeter of the cenote past huge stalactites until you reach a depth of 6m/20ft where there is a permanent line that circumnavigates the cenote and is an interesting way to complete the safety stop at the end of the dive.

After the safety stop you ascend to the surface, you can see the sky, the trees and bushes around the edge well before you break the surface and back into the real world. It all seems unreal now. Now you have to scramble up a short muddy slope with your gear on pulling yourself up with a rope, all part of the experience.

Now that was an UnderWorld Adventure that you will never forget!



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