Divers UnderGround Services

Decompression procedures diver course
Decompression Procedures Diver

Divers UnderGround Services


Technical and Cave Diving Training USD 285 a day.

Scuba Diving in Cenotes from USD 150 x 2 Dives.

Cenote Diving Packages from USD 420 x 6 Dives


Cenote Diving Packages

Group Discounts (5+ divers)

Tech and Cave Diving Courses

Sidemount Diver + Cavern = 5 Days

Sidemount Diver + Cavern + Intro to Cave = 8 Days.

Sidemount Diver + Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave = 10 Days.

Sidemount + Advanced Nitrox + Deco Procedures = 8 Days.


Transportation from Playa del Carmen.

Student materials.

NOT Included

Cenote entrance fees

High Oxygen Mixes Prices

All technical diving courses start in a shallow open water Cenote!

Divers UnderGround Services

Divers UnderGround services include all the TDI Overhead Environments Diving and Mixed Gas diving courses. 

Technical Diving International (TDI) courses are an exhilarating move in your diving training and the next-level dive training for recreational divers. The cenotes between Playa del Carmen and Tulum provide the perfect conditions for beginner-level technical and cave diving training. 

Avid sport divers ready to go beyond the limits of single-tank diving, learn to execute dives in overhead environments, and plan deep decompression dives using high O2 and Helium mixes will love the knowledge and skills acquired during this course.

Once you have mastered your fundamental Sidemount skills and your rig is appropriately configured, you can add multiple tanks for extended bottom time. Learn to plan and execute technical decompression dives safely in pool-like conditions in the quiet Mexican Cenotes before going into more extreme environments.

You can take advantage of Divers UnderGround services by combining multiple TDI Courses. Combining the Decompression Procedures with the Advanced Nitrox and Sidemount Diver courses or Sidemount with Overhead Environments training saves you time and money! 

Ask us for details.

The Sidemount Diver course is the foundation of all other technical and Overhead Environments Diving training.

The TDI Sidemount diver course is a popular combination with Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave, and Full Cave Diver courses.

For confined water skills, we use Cenote Jardin del Eden (Closed Saturdays). Some training dives are in the deeper caves around Tulum.

Expand what you learned during your TDI Advanced Nitrox Course. Learn about TDI Decompression Procedures training and the proper management of high Oxygen mixes for technical dives.

After certification and practice, you will be ready to move into more advanced courses like the TDI Extended Range, Normoxic Trimix, and Advanced Trimix Diver.

TDI Deco Procedures
TDI Deco Procedures

Expanding from what you learned during your TDI Advanced Nitrox Course, you will go on to learn about Accelerated Decompression and the proper...

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Advanced Nitrox
Advanced Nitrox

The TDI Advanced Nitrox course theory is fantastic! You learn how to calculate the partial pressures of gasses, how much air you use, equivalent...

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Intro to Cave Diving
Intro to Cave Diving

Once you have mastered the skills necessary to become a Cavern Diver, it is time to leave daylight behind and proceed with caution into the cave...

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TDI Cavern Diver
TDI Cavern Diver

The TDI Cavern Diving course is the first step towards becoming a Full Cave Diver. During this course, you will learn all the necessary skills...

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