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DIVE TRAINING: Start Scuba Diving!


Have you always dreamed of feeling that you were floating in space, or always wanted to observe the marine life of our planet? Well, there are a ton of Dive Centers ready to make your dreams a reality and teach you how to scuba dive during your vacation. Live here in Mexico? Many local Dive Centers know and understand the hectic lifestyle and work schedule, and have flexible options for our fellow locals!

Half of what there is to see on your vacation is underwater! Don’t just look at the ocean from your beach chair, go visit it! Every day is a great day to go diving or start diving! There is nothing like exploring the magic underwater world with its coral reefs, colorful inhabitants or mysterious crevices in the Mayan Jungles.  Diving lets you connect with nature and excites your senses.

There are several different Internationally Recognized scuba diving courses available for you to choose from!

Last but not least! Its also your kid’s vacation and they always want to do something fun.  So of course, there are fantastic and fun scuba diving activities for your children too! (10+ years old)

Once a diver always a diver!


You, your family, friends and your kids, can start diving (10+ yrs)! You can just “discover” diving with a 1 day program or get your first license to dive with the 4 day Open Water Diver course. Your first dive is but one in a logbook with many pages, so… Your diving will not only improve by doing it even more but also by taking continuing education courses.

Keep Diving!


Courses such as the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver / SDI Advanced Adventure Diver, apart from being great fun, will broaden your independent diving abilities. These will also prepare you to take the various Specialty Programs and enter the Rescue Diver level. Want to know more about what is involved with technical diving before you commit? Try an Intro to Tec course or the very popular Side Mount course.  There are so many possibilities! Let us help you pick the right options, Contact us!

Here is what we offer you:


We at DiversUnderGround as a TDI and SDI Dive Centre, offer TDI Technical Diving, PADI TecRec and Razor courses, as well as, both PADI and SDI recreational courses.  This allows you to have options to chose from. These dive associations are International and have strict educational standards to abide by.

Both PADI and SDI courses are certified as compliant with ISO standards for Recreational Diving Services by an independent auditor, the European Underwater Federation and the Austrian Standards
Institute. The ISO standards relate to five levels of diver, two levels of instructor and a service provider or dive center. Each of these standards equate to both the PADI and SDI certification or member level, which means that, in effect, divers or members holding one of these qualifications can also be said to have met the requirements of the relevant ISO standard – as though they had gained two credentials at once.

All courses with International Training: SDI/TDI, and PADI/PADI TecRec encompass environmental awareness and protection philosophies that emphasize the importance of protecting fragile aquatic ecosystems. These organizations are committed to preserving the aquatic environment for future generations.

Our Diving Courses…


Beginners, Advanced, Rescue, Tec, Cave and so much more!


We offer diving for certified divers and courses for kids and adults, from beginners and advanced to technical divers and also the opportunity to go Pro! So you can START DIVING, KEEP DIVING and even TEACH DIVING with Divers UnderGround.

We are here to answer any of your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! [email protected]

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