We have been Cave Diving in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico since 2008 and have had the opportunity to visit many caves in multiple systems. A big part of our lifestyle is having fun with friends and diving in all the traditional caves as well as new ones recently opened to the public; while other times exploring newly found Cenotes and new passages in already explored systems. Also, we love playing with our Mnemo and surveying existing cave lines everywhere to get a better picture of the layout of the cave systems and even just to play with the data on the computer and Google Earth.

Besides all this, we have a lot of fun diving with photographers and videographers, planning complex dives with different shooting scenarios, working with lights and of course posing as models!

The Riviera Maya is great for all levels of Cave Divers. From big wide tunnels filled with speleothems excellent for back-mount divers to small restricted keyholes and bedding planes for side-mount divers. 

Let us show you what we have seen under the amazing Mexican jungle!