Cave Diving in Mexico has changed the way divers from all over the world looked at the sport. Mexico has made it possible for many people to get their cave diving training in a very cave diver friendly karst area. Here we have hundreds of cave entrances within a 100kms radius. Mexico is home to the longest and most beautiful caves in the world.


Also, the water in the caves is crystal clear, and in some of them, you can see haloclines. The shallow caves are full of with speleothems.  Stalactites, Stalagmites, Helictites, Flags, Pop Corn and crystal formations are found all over the Peninsula’s caves. It is common to also find fossils, ancient pottery, endemic wildlife, human and animal remains.


Generally speaking, the freshwater slowly flows thru the limestone from the interior of the Yucatan peninsula towards the Caribbean Sea. Low water flow is usually present in most of our caves, and it can increase slightly during rainy periods but usually not drastically. In most cases, the flow never changes.


North West of Tulum we cave dive in the Sac Actun System, recently connected to Dos Ojos.  At the time of the connection, Sac Actun was the 2nd longest in the world, and Dos Ojos was the 4th. Once connected, the Sac Actun cave system became the world’s longest.

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