Cave Diving in the Riviera Maya of Mexico

Cave Diving in the Riviera Maya


Our shop is in Xpu Ha, just a few kilometers south of Puerto Aventuras.


The vast majority of explored caves that are open to the public for diving are between Puerto Aventuras and the town of Muyil. It gives us a wide range of cave possibilities and we Cave Dive all over the Yucatan peninsula.


As a certified Cave Diver, you are trained to cave dive without direct supervision, and there are still some caves you can dive on your own, however, when you don’t want to waste time trying to find the beautiful caves, we are here for you.


We take care of the logistics and make of your diving holiday a fantastic experience.


Cave Diving in the Riviera Maya started around 40+ years ago, and we have been here for the last 11. There are over 1500 kilometers of explored caves just south of our shop. We know the best caves to take you depending on your skills and what you want to see in the caves.


Go Cave Diving in the Sac Actun Cave System, the world’s most extensive underwater cave.


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