Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen


$ 149 USD

1 Bull Shark Dive + 1 Shallow Reef Dive

Dive with Bull Sharks in Playa Del Carmen

Shark Point dive site is only 5 min. away from the beach in Playa Del Carmen. We go out for a dive to 25 mts / 80 feet with the Bull Sharks followed by a shallow reef dive with the possibility of seeing the sharks close to the reef.
Nitrox available for Nitrox certified divers.

Every year in Playa Del Carmen, Bull Sharks come close to the Mexican Caribbean reefs to breed and to give birth. While some companies offer shark feeding dives, others prefer to watch them in their natural environment. There is a lot of controversy around it, but I think everybody is right and everyone is wrong.


The bottom line is, we can go diving with Bull Sharks right in front of Playa Del Carmen. After a 5 minutes boat ride we are jumping in the water to descend and see our friends swimming around in clear Caribbean viz.


Besides Bull Shark dives we also dive in Playa Del Carmen, Cenotes and Cozumel as well as Guided Cave Diving in Cenotes.

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