Bull Shark Dives in Playa del Carmen

Shark Dives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico: The Ultimate Adventure

Book your Bull Shark Dives in Playa del Carmen with Divers UnderGround and enjoy watching these magnificent creatures.

There are few places left on earth where you can get up close and personal with this type of shark. Scuba diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is one of those experiences that will stick with you forever. 

There are over 400 species of shark found in the ocean today. Human activities threaten many, and some have been driven to near extinction. 

As an apex predator, the bull shark is known to have a voracious appetite and will even hunt other sharks! Their rough, prickly skin is bright yellowish-green when young and darker olive green as they grow older.

What to Know Before Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks

– The dive site is on the edge of Jardines Reef, at 25 meters of depth, so you need to be an experienced diver to feel comfortable there. Bull Sharks tend to gather in this area.

The dive site has a strong current, so you’ll need to be comfortable with that. We carry more weight than you would typically use in a regular dive since we want to be able to stay put without having to fight the current. We use a descent/ascent line on-site in every dive, and we Neil down on the sand to watch the sharks swim by. The water is warm, so you don’t need a heavy wetsuit. We recommend a 3mm long-sleeve suit.

There is a good chance you’ll see a range of marine life, so bring your camera and get creative with your shots. Shark photos are fantastic, but don’t try to get too close to the sharks. Give them their space and enjoy observing them from afar.

Bull Shark Dives in Playa del Carmen

Shark Point is a few hundred meters in front of the Constituyentes street pier. It’s about a 5-minute boat ride from the beach. 

Tips for Scuba Diving With Bull Sharks

The visibility at the dive site is quite good, so you’ll be able to observe the sharks well. Bull Sharks swim in groups, so if you see one, there will likely be more nearby.

You’ll be able to see a range of marine life on this dive, so bring your camera and get some great shots of the Bull Sharks.

Things to be Aware of When Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks

The current can sometimes be strong in this area, so you’ll want to add 40 to 50 percent more weight to your belt before you go down. 

The best time to go is Winter when the Caribbean sea water cools down to around 27ºC/81F. This shark dive is great in warm, clear water and only a few minutes boat ride from shore.

Final Thoughts

Bull sharks are known to inhabit many coastal areas, and they’re often found in large groups. Playa del Carmen is perfect for diving with Bull Sharks. They arrive in large groups and hang out for a couple of months, usually starting in December. However, the season changes a little every year. The waters are warm, so you can dive with the sharks with a light wetsuit and enjoy an experience you’ll never forget.


USD 120 x 1 Shark Watch Dive (No feeding)


Cozumel x 2 dives + 3rd dive with Bull Sharks = USD275

Cenotes x 2 dives + (bull shark dive + shallow reef) = 2 days = USD290

Cozumel x 2 dives + Cenotes x 2 dives + (bull shark dive + shallow reef) = 3 days = USD 425


Transportation from the Dive Center to Playa del Carmen.

NOT Included

Scuba Diving Equipment = USD 20 for the day

Nitrox 32 = USD 7

Nitrox 36 = USD 9

Prices per tank

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