Which is the Best Cenote of the Riviera Maya?





This is probably the number one asked question by divers and snorkelers that visit the Riviera Maya.


It is also one of the hardest to answer… Let me explain:


When you visit your first Cenote the first thing that comes to mind is “WOW”. And for a reason! The Cenotes are all beautiful. These is however, just the beginning… There is not such a thing as the Best Cenote. Every Cenote is different but all of them share the same “WOW” effect.


Some of the Cenotes are completely open to the sun light. They are natural swimming pools with a constant light flow of water naturally filtering through the limestone. This keeps the freshwater always crystal clear. Some Cenotes closer to the mangrove develop a layer of algae and tanic water on the surface during the summer months. For the first meter or two (6/8 feet) the visibility is reduced. Once you get past this layer, the water is extremely clear.  The green algae reflects on the ceiling providing beautiful natural lighting by the sun. In this type of Cenotes is common to find lots of freshwater fish, algae, water lilies, some have fresh water turtles and even a small crocodile in a couple of them.


Underwater we have both, Phreatic Caverns and Vadose Caverns, each with their own enchantment. Diving Cenotes you see haloclines and sunlight refraction visual effects, speleothems, fossils,  sediment banks and even signs of ancient human activity.


There are Cenotes that have large summing areas inside the Caverns. Some completely dark with lots of formations, and others like covered swimming pools with a large open area right by the water.


There are also the dry Cenotes that lead into dry Caverns and into Cave Systems that can be kilometers long.


In conclusion, my advice is that you visit as many as you can and ask yourself the same question. “Which is the Best Cenote?”. That’s when you realize, you are just going to have to see them all.


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