Cave Diving in Cenotes near Playa del Carmen, Cavern Diving around Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, plus Cozumel Charter Trips and Bull Shark Dives in Playa del Carmen.

Underwater photography by: Robert Stansfield

TDI 5 Star Instructor Training Facility & Dive Center

Cave Diving Mexico

Puerto Aventuras, Q. Roo, Mexico.

Overhead Environments Diving

TDI Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave Diver and Full Cave Diver courses.

What does it take to become a TDI Full Cave Diver?

Side-mount Diving Courses

Learn to dive with two tanks mounted on the side of your body. Side-mount Diving has many benefits including gas redundancy, balance, hydrodynamic, comfortable and it works with any kind of diving. From Open Water Side Mount to Full Cave and Technical Diving in cold and warm water.

TDI Sidemount Diver Course

Cave Diving

Private guided Cave Diving expeditions in the best place in the world. Over 1500 kms of explored caves full of speleothems, fossils and haloclines in crystal clear water and shallow depths.

Guided Cave Diving


Scuba Diving tours to Cenotes near Playa del Carmen. Cavern Diving in the most beautiful Cenotes of the Riviera Maya, from Puerto Aventuras to Tulum area.

Cavern Diving in Cenotes


Charter boat trips to Scuba Dive in Cozumel's most amazing reefs from Playa del Carmen. Daily trips for two dives leaving from Playa del Carmen at 8:30am and back on the beach by 2:00pm. Limited spaces.

Cozumel Marine National Park

Bull Sharks

During the winter months the pregnant female bull sharks visit our coasts and we get to see them underwater right in front of Playa del Carmen. We do one dive with the sharks at around 25 meters or 80 feet followed by a shallow reef dive close by where we have chances of seeing them again.

Bull Shark Diving