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Cave Diver finds the World’s Longest Flooded Cave

Cave Diver finds the World's Longest Flooded Cave The Sac Actun and Dos Ojos Cave Systems Connection Cave explorer Robert Schmittner (Robbie) with the Gran Acuífero Maya group, led by National Geographic's explorer in Mexico, Guillermo de Anda, have found the most extensive flooded cave system in the world. Robbie has finally found the connection ...


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What does it take to become a Trimix Diver?

What is Trimix Diving? Technical Diving with Helium added to breathing gasses containing Oxygen and Nitrogen in known as Trimix Diving. As a divers descends in the water column, the atmospheric pressure increases and both Nitrogen and Oxygen start to become undesirable breathing gases. Nitrogen starts to become narcotic to the body and Oxygen becomes ...

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