TDI Cave Diving Course

Mexico: A Cave Diver’s Heaven!

The Yucatan Peninsula’s limestone platform is a cave divers’ heaven full of beautiful natural sinkholes known as Cenotes. These are places where the cave ceiling collapsed thousands of years ago when the caves were dry and made access to the system possible. Thru these cenotes, cave divers get into the water to start the dive.

While snorkeling in the Cenotes is a lot of fun, a more in-depth way to experience them is to Scuba Dive. However, diving in caves requires a cave diving certification. That is because cave diving has inherent challenges different from those in recreational scuba diving. After you become familiar with buoyancy, breath control, and your gear, there is so much more to learn about the specifics of Diving in Overhead Environments. Let’s say you kick incorrectly and stir up silt in the cave; you can potentially diminish the visibility and quickly become disoriented, which can be deadly. Because of this, some of the essential parts of the course involve learning about cave environments and the psychological aspects of Cave Diving, along with emergency procedures.

Cave divers have first to get their Open Water and Advanced Diver certifications and be at least 18 years old.


You can learn Cave Diving in the best conditions in the world. We offer all of Technical Diving International (TDI) courses. Typically, it takes a few days for Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave, and Full Cave certification. Once you’ve completed more than 25 dives, you can train for more advanced certifications.

Mexico is by far the most attractive cave diving destination globally. Mexico offers the most extensive underwater cave systems on the planet, full of prehistoric fossils, cave formations known as Speleothems, haloclines, incredible visibility with hardly any suspended particles, light water flows, and shallow caves to explore.


Cenotes are possibly the setting for the most spectacular cave diving in the world. If you are a cave diver and haven’t been diving in a cenote, it’s time to book your cave diving trip, pack your gear and come down to Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, or Tulum for an unforgettable Cave Diving Holiday in Mexico.

underwater cave in tulum, mexico

Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen

Have you been Scuba Diving in the Mexican Cenotes yet?

Dive in the world’s most extensive freshwater cave systems – a genuinely different experience!

Today, you can quickly go scuba diving in sections of some of the world’s most comprehensive underwater cave systems. 

You will experience two amazing dives in the world’s most exquisite freshwater caverns.

Our groups consist of max. 4 certified divers per cavern guide. However, unless you are diving by yourself or it is high season, you will have a private dive guide for your group only.

After a short drive into the jungle and an explanation of the Cenotes’ history, geology and hydrology, your guide will conduct a thorough briefing containing procedures, potential hazards, signals, and swimming techniques. Once in the water, your cavern dive guide will check your equipment, weights and provide you with dive torches.

We will have sandwiches, soft drinks, and water for a day of two fantastic cavern dives in the cenotes.

Our guides are certified Full Cave Divers and Diving Instructors with an official cavern dive guide certification for cenotes and a legal work permit in Mexico.

Get hypnotized by cave formations, crystal clear water, fossils, cenote and cavern life, light refraction visual effects, and more, diving in the Mexican Cenotes!

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