World's Best Cave Diving in Mexico

Cave Diving in Mexico

Mexico is perhaps one of the most famous cave diving destinations in the world.

To begin with, Sistema Sac Actun is the most comprehensive underwater cave system in the world. In 2018 local cave explorer Robbie Schmittner discovered the connection between the two giants. When Sistema Dos Ojos and Sistema Sac Actun were connected, they became the longest cave globally, with over 369 kilometers for cave divers to enjoy.


Cenotes are the genuinely stunning natural sinkholes in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, freshwater pools with an incredible abundance of wildlife. Here is where the adventure begins for probably the most magnificent cave diving anywhere globally. The Riviera Maya offers cave divers an indeed Cave-Diving-Friendly area with easy access to the caves and many times even tables to set up your gear within a few steps from the Cenote.

If you haven’t already done the TDI Cave Diver Course and always wanted to learn the specifics of Diving in Overhead Environments, there is no better place to train Mexico.

Cave Diving or Cavern Diving? What is the difference?

Let’s start with the basics. There are four limits to Cavern Diving; if you break any of them, you are Cave Diving, and you need special training to do it safely. During a Cavern Dive, you should always see the Natural Sun Light, within 60 linear meters from the Open Water, no deeper than 40 Meters, and with no restrictions where at least two divers can swim side by side.

Most of these magnificent Cenotes in Mexico are Caverns connected to the underwater Cave Systems.

Cave Diving requires special equipment:

To go on a Cavern Diving tour in the Cenotes, you can use your standard scuba gear. You use the same kit as in Open Water Dives, and an experienced Diving Professional and Cave Diver will guide you through the experience. You need specific gear and training to go beyond the Cavern zone.

Cave Diving requires special training:

Since both Caves and Caverns are considered Overhead Environments, scuba diving in them without the direct supervision of a professional guide also requires specialized training to do it safely. It is imperative to learn about the risks of Cave Diving, how to avoid them and how to deal with specific situations and emergencies.

underwater cave in tulum, mexico

Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen

Cavern Diving in Cenotes with Divers UnderGround

Dive in the World’s most extensive freshwater cave systems – a genuinely different experience!

Today, you can quickly go scuba diving in sections of some of the World’s most comprehensive underwater cave systems. 

You will experience two amazing dives in the World’s most exquisite freshwater caverns.

Our groups consist of a maximum of four Certified Divers per Cavern Diving Guide. However, unless you are diving by yourself or in high season, you will have a private dive guide for your group only.

After a short drive into the jungle and explaining the Cenotes’ history, geology and hydrology, your guide will conduct a thorough briefing containing procedures, potential hazards, signals, and swimming techniques. Once in the water, your cavern dive guide will check your equipment, weights and provide you with dive torches.

We will have sandwiches, soft drinks, and water for a day of two fantastic cavern dives in the cenotes.

Our guides are certified Full Cave Divers and Technical Diving Instructors with an official Cavern Dive Guide certification for cenotes and a legal work permit in Mexico.

Get mesmerized by cave formations, crystal clear water, fossils, cenote and cavern life, light refraction visual effects, and more, diving in the Mexican Cenotes!

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