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Get your TDI Cave Diving Certification in Mexico

To achieve the TDI Cave Diving certification in Mexico with Divers UnderGround, cave divers must acquire specific skills for Diving in Overhead Environments.

Your Cave Diving course needs to be thorough and precise. It involves going into dark, enclosed spaces below the water’s surface where standard recreational diving techniques do not apply, with no natural light or direct access to the surface, complex navigation, and tight spaces.

What is Cave Diving?

Fascinating Facts About Diving UnderGround

You might only know about the sport by what you may have seen on Discovery Channel or National Geographic documentaries. There is a lot about diving in caves that is fascinating!

If you love learning new things about scuba diving, are excited about technical training, and want to get your TDI Cave Diving Certification in Mexico, send us a message, and we will answer all your questions. Our goal is to train you as a safe, autonomous cave diver. 

  • Cave diving means using specialized scuba gear to dive into a submerged underwater natural cavern, cave, or in artificial tunnels and mines.
  • Cave diving combines the thrill of scuba diving and the discipline of technical diving training in caves with the wonder of spelunking for a genuinely unique exploration/discovery experience.
  • Underwater caves have little to no light or food. Because of these unique conditions, they host UnderGround life that humanity doesn’t see often and still doesn’t even understand.
  • Cave divers often discover new bacteria that help study antibacterial resistance. Also, modern human eyes had never before seen some of the unique prehistoric animal species cave divers have found in the last decades.
  • Divers have also found the remains of ancient humans UnderGround. Such discoveries have challenged everything we think we know about how humanity came to be what it is today.
  • UnderGround Divers are frequently at the forefront of cave diving exploration and discovering amazing things.

To get your TDI Cave Diving certification in Mexico with Divers UnderGround, you can start your e-learning today.

Contact us to get your e-learning code and prepare to come to the beautiful Caribbean for your in-water/cave training in the fantastic cenotes!

Sidemount diving training is essential for the TDI Overhead Environments Diving course. If you still don’t have your TDI Sidemount certification, we can combine it with the Overhead Environments Diving training.

Before You Sign Up for a Cave Diving Course

Some of the most critical aspects of cave diving training is fine-tuning your buoyancy and trim control. Make sure you have mastered both with whatever gear you are using today.
You will need a Sidemount certification or begin with the TDI Sidemount Diver course.
You will need specialized dive gear. Although some equipment is similar to your recreational scuba diving kit, many pieces are designed specifically for Technical, Sidemount, and Cave Diving.
You will need to learn specialized techniques for cave diving that will make you a better all-around diver.
Many of the skills in cave diving are similar to those in recreational scuba diving. Make sure you practice what you've learned.

Essential Skills for your TDI Cave Diving Certification

Did you know? To prevent silt-outs in the cave and for gas consumption efficiency, cave divers use advanced trim and propulsion techniques.

For example, the frog kick is the most efficient propulsion method. Cave divers can cover longer distances using less air with the Frog Kick than other techniques. 

TDI Cave Diving Certification

in Cenotes

  • Develop your fundamental skills. E.g., Propulsion, Buoyancy, and Trim. Practice frog kick, back kick, and staying motionless in a Horizontal position without moving more than 3 feet (91.44 cm) in the water column. 
  • One of the best things you can do to prepare for your TDI Full Cave Diver course is to get your TDI Overhead Environments Diving E-learning code and start learning today!
  • Acquire a sense of thoroughness. Study to know and follow your training by the book. Cave diving training is based mainly on accident analysis. This means we have learned from the unfortunate mistakes our predecessors made, not knowing any better, and guess what! There are no new mistakes. Every time there is an accident, there is an analysis, and 99.9% of the time, it comes down to the negligence of the divers involved. 
  • Make sure to develop excellent buoyancy control.
  • Another critical skill to develop before coming to Mexico for your TDI Overhead Environments training to become a cave diver is perfect buoyancy control. Not that we want to stress that point!
cave decoration in cenotes
razor sidemount diving configuration
Stage Cave Diving in Mexico

Things That Are Different About Diving in Caves

Cave diving is not a new sport, but it has only been growing in popularity in recent years worldwide. These subterranean dives present unique challenges that separate diving underground from other kinds of Diving:

  • Gas Management.
  • Managing multiple breathing sources.
  • Complex Navigation.
  • NDL planning.
  • Decompression Techniques.
  • Awareness techniques.
  • Multiple light sources.
  • Potential Zero Viz situations.
razor sidemount diving system
Razor Sidemount Diving System

Cave Diving Gear

  • Sidemount diving gear. Although you can use our Razor® and Shearwater® gear for your course, we recommend learning to use your own. We offer great package deals in training and equipment bundles.
  • You will use all the equipment necessary for Cave Diving, such as multiple dive lights, LED screen dive computers, spool-out systems for reels, redundant air sources, and more.

We are authorized dealers for Shearwater Research Dive Computers, Razor Sidemount System, and Bigblue Dive Lights. 

shearwater research dive computer
Shearwater Research Dive Computers

Buying your Equipment

  • Setting up a Sidemount harness on your own can be overwhelming, even after training. Get more for your money, have us set up your Razor Sidemount System, and get it to fit you perfectly during your dive course.
  • Buy your dive gear once. Getting cheap gear usually ends up in buying twice. Don’t waste your money.
  • Choose the option to buy the gear you use during the TDI sidemount and cave diving courses at the package price—new and used opportunities.

**Ask us about customized gear and training packages depending on what you want. 

TDI Cave Diving Certification in Mexico with Divers UnderGround

e-learning code

We offer a comprehensive eight-day TDI Cavern to Full Cave Diver course in Mexico. Learn .everything you need to start cave diving safely. You’ll learn to navigate these exceptional underwater environments and experience their incredible beauty up close.

If you are interested in obtaining the TDI Sidemount Diver or TDI Cave Diving Certification, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@diversunderground.com. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

To keep up with the latest cave diving adventures, follow our Instagram account @diversunderground

Explore the planet from the inside out!

Scuba dive in the lovely Mexican Cenotes!

cenote dives in mexico
Photo: Robert Stansfield

If you hold an Open Water certification and want something different from your dives, you should consider exploring the beautiful freshwater Caverns in the Cenotes of the Mayan Riviera. Exploring underwater and UnderGround is an incredible experience. As you swim through the clear water of the cavern, you feel like you are flying along great tunnels filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Blow your mind with the mirrors on the cave’s ceiling created by trapped air pockets; listen to the bubbles rushing under the rocks and get delighted with the refraction visual effects of the sunlight bending as it crosses the surface of the water. 

Dive the Cenotes and experience the beauty of freshwater scuba diving in the caverns of the cenotes in Mexico with Divers UnderGround.

Cenotes are natural sinkholes that connect to vast underwater cave systems. They are the perfect place for curious divers who want to learn and experience something new and exciting.

Scuba Diving in Cenotes

Cavern Dive

Divers UnderGround provides exceptional freshwater cavern diving experiences in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. Cenote dive sites are in the lively Caribbean jungle of Quintana Roo state; on the Yucatan Peninsula. Dive and snorkel to enjoy stunning dripstone formations in refreshing crystalline water. Cenote diving is suitable for beginner and advanced open-water divers.

Cenote Dives in Mexico
Photo: Robert Stansfield

What to expect

You will be given a thorough briefing and guided through basic cavern diving techniques for cenote diving. Once your diving equipment is ready to go, we jump in the water for an incredible experience.

The water is around 25ºC/77ºF. Most people will need a 3mm long-sleeve wetsuit. The water is so clear that you can see the cave from the surface.

Divers UnderGround

We provide Cenote diving services in all the recreational cavern diving sites in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, including Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, and Tulum.

TDI Cavern Diver Course in Mexico
Cavern Diver - Photo: Robert Stansfield

What are the Cenotes?

Chac Mool
Photo: Ivan Ayala

Cenotes are naturally formed sinkholes flooded in crystal-clear freshwater and teeming with fish. Scuba diving through the cavernous depths, you’ll come across stunning flowstones, stalactites, and glittering minerals that attract divers worldwide.

Cenotes form over thousands of years by rainwater seeping into the ground and eroding the limestone, eventually creating the sinkhole where we can access the water to go cave diving.

Dive with us

We offer Cenote dive tours for all levels of divers, from beginner open water divers to advanced technical and cave divers, as well as snorkeling tours for those who just want to get their feet wet!

Click now to learn more about how you can dive into the world of Cavern Diving in Cenotes!

Unique Cenote Diving & Snorkeling Locations

1-4 divers per guide

We will provide water, snacks, sandwiches, and soft drinks.

Cave Diving in Cenotes & Cozumel Dive Packages

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Cenotes and Cozumel Dive Package x 8
Cenotes and Cozumel Dive Package x 8

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Cenotes and Cozumel Dive Package x 6
Cenotes and Cozumel Dive Package x 6

This diving package x 6 dives Fresh and Salty is for adventure divers who want to experience the unique diving that Mexico’s Riviera Maya...

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